(Collection Only) Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheet Counter Guard 5/6mm Thick PET Plastic Panel 8ft x 4ft

from £99.99


Collection only (Manchester)

Premium quality perspex acrylic sheet

Supplied with protective PE film on both sides

Sturdy, durable, yet lightweight

10 times more damage resistant than glass, & just as clear

Easy to clean and maintain

Transparent just like glass and sturdier stronger shatter proof

Features and Benefits:

U.V Resistant (will not yellow)

Protective masking Covering Both Sides

Transparent just like glass , shatter proof

Light Weight Compared to Glass

High Impact Resistance

High Transparency.

Chemical resistance.

Weather resistance.


• Window Glazing (replacement windows for sheds, greenhouses etc.)

• Boat Windows

• Kitchen and Work Surface Splashbacks

• Signs

• Displays & Signage

• Picture Framing

• Aquarium Tanks

Collection only (Manchester), please email us on lockandhandlewarehouse@gmail.com for further assistance.